Our wish is to create good memories by promoting experiences. We can organize a trip to the stunning Sao Francisco river mouth to explore its trails and waterfalls. Enjoy every type of diving, from snorkeling to scuba diving, to unravel underwater beauties. For surf or kite surf l overs we have experienced instructors. And what can be said about walking on the beach during sunset to discover exotic birds such as the rendeiras? You can even go horseback riding on the beach.

Barra de Sao Miguel, AL - Brazil
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But our main experiences were conceived and developed to the detail and you can't leave them out of our KENOA itinerary. Each experience explores the nature around and creates unexpected and unique sensations.

Enjoy life
boat experience

A comfortable speedboat ride to explore Barra de Sao Miguel and its lagoons, mangroves, islands, deserted beaches and coral reefs. Enjoy everything this paradise of the waters can offer you.

oyster experience

A canoe visit to an oyster nursery in the middle of a lagoon including a tasting in the water. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. However, this ride is much more than a gastronomic experience. We explore mangroves; experience the village where oyster and honey producers live in taipa houses and the people are full of joy. Plus, we discover river springs and all the lush unspoiled nature around.