Food today plays a key role, making some restaurants true centers of attraction. The kaamo restaurant, with the supervision of the renowned chef César Santos, is located in the central area of the resort with a distinctive decor and a magnetically attractive view of the sea. The space is designed to be the foci of the resort.

Barra de Sao Miguel, AL - Brazil
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Not simply for the connoisseur, but especially developed respecting lovers of wine, kenoa resort offers the kaamo winebar; a place where guests and clients can personally choose their own wine, relax, socialize, enjoy the thematic décor and entrancing view.


Built on a lookout terrace nine meters above the kenoan grounds, the kaamo lounge reveals a panoramic view in a privileged area. The lounge is flooded with overstuffed pillows, low tables and cozy couches. The bar offers a relaxed atmosphere, with soft lighting and music directed more to the spirit than to the ears. Kaamo lounge is the venue designed for quiet conversation at the end of afternoon and evening. Here the moon, the sun and the stars naturally converge to greet you and provide lovely visual entertainment over the sea.

aamo - moon


César Santos occupies a place of prominence in the Brazilian national and international gastronomic scene. The originality of his culinary creations, his talent and his devotion to his craft has contributed to his reputation as one of the finest chefs in Brazil. Cesar’s extensive experience permits the cuisine to engage the senses of sight, smell and taste, proof that there is a reward for being bold.
With international recognition, including the features on the pages of the New York Times and assorted magazines in Europe, Caesar is responsible for food that will certainly be one more reason to be attracted to the charm of Kenoa - Exclusive Beach & Spa Resort.